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Time Management + Human Factors

This is the combined training course specially designed for aviation managers, who would like to have a training course in Human factors, but also would like to improve their management skills and learn how to effectively plan their time!


You will:


-learn why we need a time?

-learn what is the time management?

-learn how to set the goals and achieve them?

-learn about time and the main areas of our life: health, family, personnel development, business/career, relationships with the outside world.

-learn what to do if you didn’t accomplish your plan, how to analyze?

-learn what to do if unforeseen circumstances intervene in to your plan?


Have a knowledge of Human Factors



Certificate of attendance

Effective Communication for managers

You will improve communications skill and find out effective communication tips and tools that you can use every day!


You will learn how:


-to use opportunities for making communication in company better;

-to remove obstacles to work through communication solutions;

-to develop personal communication skills;

-to save time and reduce the chance of conflicts;

-to find solution to relationship problems and improve micro-climate and job satisfaction.



Certificate of attendance

Team building

Teams are most effective when there are properly formed. You will learn how to build a team and how to improve team productivity!


You will learn how:


-to form teams and develop personal responsibility of the team;

-use the individual potential of a team members to use it for benefit of the organization;

-promote cooperation, initiative, motivation of personnel to raise the level of commitment to organization;

-Reduce the tension, stress at work and unproductive disagreements.



Certificate of attendance

Coaching as a management tool

If you would like learn how to use coaching as a management tool and how to enhance your coaching skills to achieve the better task performance of your workers - this training course can help you!


You will learn how:



-expand your coaching skills

-use effective tools and techniques for coaching in business

-achieve the benefit from coaching 



Certificate of attendance